How the slot works and how to play it

Online casinos around the world have become incredibly popular in a fairly short period of time.  No wonder: thousands of different games, high chances of winning, significant prize amounts – and all this is available to the player in his own home.  The main type of entertainment in online casinos is virtual slot machines – Internet analogues of physical lotto machines.

Halo69 machines, better known as slots, can be a great way to escape from the routine and have a good time.  Very soon, slots will become a legal form of leisure in any place on earth.

To an ordinary player, he is better known as a slot machine.  The word “slot” is its short name, borrowed from English.  In the classical sense, a slot is a game with several reels. After the player presses the button, the reels begin to spin vertically.  The player bets on the fact that three identical symbols will line up on the reels in a horizontal row, for example, 7-7-7.  If this happens, the player collects his winnings.  If the result is different, the player’s money remains the payment to the game for a chance to win.

Payline – a horizontal or another line where the symbols must line up for the player to win.  Paylines can be straight, broken, or clustered.  Usually, they are read from left to right, but sometimes they work both ways.  Fancy lines are always listed in the paytables of the slot machine;

Symbol – and image on a reel that rotates vertically.  Depending on the theme of the slot machine, the symbols can be quite variable.  The main goal of the player is to have identical symbols lined up in one, usually horizontal line;

Drum – a set of symbols that wrap vertically together.  Modern slots can have from three to several dozen reels at the same time;

Paytable – a list of possible wins in the slot, as well as information about the game and its bonus features.  It shows the player the winnings that give the conditional “7-7-7” or any other combination.  Also here you can find out if the game has a jackpot or win multiplier;

Buttons – mechanisms by which the player controls his game on the machine.  The “Start” or “Spin” button starts the movement of the reels.  The “Bet”, “Minimum bet” and “Maximum bet” buttons regulate the amount that the player bets per spin of the reels.  There is also the “Auto Spin” button – it allows the slot to rotate the reels at a given rate without the participation of the player.

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