Make Money Online – Entry Level Notebook 4

Isn’t eBay amazing! I mean anyone can go there and sell something. You probably have magazines, plates, trays, and cans of bath salts that Aunt Sue bought for you last Christmas. But I know if someone will like it and pay for it.

List all items under 99 pence that are not on https.
// The listing fee is only 10% on eBay. Buyer pays shipping. And you know what people sell on eBay for scraps of rope and old hamburgers!  halo69 The question is, can you make money selling these unwanted gifts? clear answer. How good it is is up to you.

Sometimes you really hit the gold. Just the other day a man bought an old movie on eBay for a few pounds. Isn’t this a great instant lover without even leaving the door? But you can make some money just by selling unwanted Christmas presents. And use it to properly fund your online business.

Here are some eBay selling ideas.

unwanted gift

body products perfume soap

MAGAZINE – a longtime collector’s favorite

Your old magazine ads were meticulously page cut out and people bought these pages for $1 a page. CHINA, GLASS, BRIC A BRAC

BOOKS – An interesting and easy market for any time

REELICS FROM THE GARDEN SHED – let’s see what happens, someone will want it

Shoes and Clothing – Today’s vintage clothing is a huge market

Remember, you can specify which buyers you want to receive. No need to worry about shipping costs. You can limit your market, but if you live in a city with a lot of traffic, this is a good choice. very sorry!

There are other hidden ways to make money on eBay beyond just selling, but for beginners, learning the basics, starting to make money on eBay and broadening your horizons is a good place to start. . Remember, you can literally sell anything on eBay. And make a lot of money online.

Don’t take my word for it, go there now!

Cyberspace is such a fun place and there is so much to do. More notes will follow soon. And that’s online wealth for everyone.

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