Why Not Playing KQo? Texas Hold’em Preflop Thinking

In another article, I said that KQo is not a very good hand (KJo, but it’s pretty much the same). This surprised many players, especially new players. Two very expensive cards, why aren’t they good cards? Not unplayable, but not great either. Many poker books will tell you that. but why? As a good poker player, don’t blindly believe the books and articles you read. Here, we discuss the thought process when evaluating these hands. Then you can decide for yourself if KQo is a playable hand.

in the table
In Full Ring 88 Bonanza slot, KQo has a 16% chance of winning if everyone calls for showdown. I see numbers like this quoted all the time, but in reality it doesn’t help much if people don’t do everything. The raw statistical odds halo69 for all nine of his players at the showdown are unclear, as we never actually see a showdown like this. Even failing with so many players is rare. KQo is about 90% better than all other starting hands, but at least it shows something.

KQo belongs to Group 4 of the Sklansky Group. Out of the range of these great top 3 groups, but much better than many other hands. Phil Helmuth in Play Poker Like the Pros recommends playing KQ normally, suited or not, but it’s still a pretty weak hand. Internet In Texas Hold’em, Hilger recommends not including KQo in his list of hands that can be played from early position and folding to a higher pot late in his position. So details may vary, but neither offers strong recommendations.

Do not exclude tables yet. I need some information. In particular, look at all the hands that came before KQo. There are many face cards, aces, pairs, and some suitable connectors. Remember this. This is the hand you are playing against.

preflop and flop

Understanding what happened before the flop is key to choosing your starting hands. Who is in the hand and how much is he betting? Is it a tight player raising or a crazy player trying to steal again? What about a player in middle position who flat called or a player in the small blind who mini-raised? It has very important and significant implications for KQo. By the way, that’s why KQo said early he can’t play in the position because someone like Hilger doesn’t have enough information to make an informed decision.

After explaining all the actions taken before the flop, you are ready for your next move. No, I don’t choose to call or raise. Think about what happened on the flop. Once you have decided how you will play on the flop, deciding how you will play pre-flop becomes easy.

tight player

Called a bet or raise tight he plays If you have your player, it is almost certain that at this point he has a better hand than you. They only play the first pairs of scrancy pairs, very high pairs, high suited connectors and ace highs. Next to plugs, there are bad hands. First, consider a completely unsuccessful flop like this: B. 2♥9♦7♠. what are you going to do here? In addition to suited connectors, you beat a tight opponent’s hand. A bluff might work if you have an ace-high, but you might fold if you have a pair. When checked, he bets with the right feeling that he has the best of his hand. Either way you are ready to call

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